************* Novels *************

Gravy cover-mini.jpgIt's All About The Gravy

     If you think your family's a bunch of wackos you ain’t seen nothing. Frank’s mother, just out of the loony bin, thinks the tabloids are true and his Nana says she’s going to drop dead any second; meanwhile she drinks, smokes cigars and curses nonstop.     

     Frank is stuck taking care of them and it’s a job that would push even a sane person to think about slipping some rat poison in the spaghetti sauce. He feels alone and like he has no one to love until a mangy stinky mutt crosses his path. The ultimate dysfunctional family goes on a wacky ride in search of the lives they stopped living years ago. But in the end they learn, it’s all about the gravy.



     If you think life ends when death comes a knocking, think again.  Much to your surprise, you may very well be headed to your new full time job at The Cat Factory.

    Don’t be afraid, you won’t be alone. Enlightened spirits will guide you along the way. They’ll share secrets they’ve learned over thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes. 

    It won’t be all work and no play. You’ll have fun, laughter, and friendship as you become part of creation at its best. The splendor of the universe, including cats, will captivate and empower you.

    So while you’re still alive, join Emma on her bizarre journey to The Cat Factory and discover the beauty in all lives, especially your own. And when you return, decide for yourself whether death is the end, or a new beginning.



The Contraption  

     The residents of Freiberg, Germany, are going insane. Stored away in the basement of an old asylum, they await in catatonic silence. Their families pray for a cure or even a cause. 

     Doctor Hans Joachim must use his grandfather's infamous invention, The Contraption, to see into their tormented minds. But the mysterious black forest knows the truth. Can anyone endure the harrowing journey into that forest or will they fall prey to the blood-soaked jaws of the wild wolf, the curse of the witch, or the gruesome Nazi experiments?  

     Strap yourself into The Contraption. If you dare. Watch as the current surges through your veins. Everything seems real but nothing might be. Be mindful of what you're thinking. It could very well kill you.